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Custom build environment for BlackBerry 10

Posted 3/4/2021

This package provides makefiles and shell scripts that create a custom environment in which to build software for BlackBerry 10 from the command line or using current IDEs.

  • Compile software using both the official gcc-4.6.3 compiler and the new 9.3.0.
  • Once you have developer credentials, package and launch easily from the command line or integrate the process into your own IDE (more testing/refinement to come)
  • Test new software as if you were programming for your desktop environment. QNX is just that awesome!
  • Coming soon:
    • Obtaining developer credentials without running Momentics.
    • Edit and build from the latest Eclipse IDE
    • Viewing live console output and debug integration.



I am able to work entirely from current Eclipse CDT and, I believe that these scripts will enable others to use current IDEs. That is the goal of this work. QNX is a superlative embedded OS and BlackBerry 10 is a very accessible way to test QNX software.

These scripts should enable you to write 'better' software because:

  • cross-platform development that matches your desktop target is the default; an excellent environment to apply portable software design.
  • you can test your modern software on mobile devices with modest specifications, allowing you to gauge its performance on the devices of the future.
  • learn to depend on/leverage the (pre-built) work of others. Linux and 'Open Source' in general seems to encourage 'from scratch' as the best way to learn, develop, share, distribute software. I  have come to appreciate the exponential increase in productivity that comes from letting an IDE or OS work for me, without needing to know how it works or how it was written.
  • learn the benefits of 'Enclosed Source,' for lack of a better term. Compatibility, documentation, collaboration, advancement requires conscious effort. Remove source code from the equation and your problem-solving skills will grow.

I wonder, sometimes, whether the focus on source code, constant rewrites and the divergence that accompanies it, impedes forward progression. Perhaps using a fixed set of software (a custom platform, perhaps), like I would a house or a car, will help me appreciate the cost and value of software.