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Zack Snyder's Justice League is a Real Treat!

Posted 3/19/2021

I really enjoyed this presentation of my favourite superhero team in action. I first became invested in the heroes of DC Comic's universe while watching the Justice League TV series . That show did a good job of showcasing each hero's powers and character, while also investing in their deep storylines of grand scale and high stakes.

With binge-watching being the norm these days, I have found myself lagging behind TV shows I used to follow week-by-week, because I am hesitant to sit down for the one-hour episodes that TV shows are presented in nowadays. There is a "risk" of being drawn into an extended viewing session, especially if the show turns out to be a good one.

There aren't many 20-minute shows outside of sitcoms that satisfy my tastes when I need one so, ironically, I often end up binge-watching the ones I do find. As with the Avengers, I was really looking forward to seeing the Justice League realised in the feature-length format. While I did enjoy the original film, I think that it fell a bit short with respect to character and world depth. The Dark Knight Trilogy, Man of Steel and Wonder Woman were excellent in this regard, and even the Justice League series often managed to squeeze a lot of drama, exposition, action and suspense into twenty minutes without feeling rushed.

So good are some of the scenes and moments in those works that I often felt myself willing them to go on forever. I would be jumping in my seat, hanging onto every word, leaning forward with the build-up to an epic interaction, just praying that the heroes would go on fighting, talking, heralding... I would then sink back down, fulfilled, but wanting more; impressed but aware that I had only glimpsed the dawn, and the TV channel or Movie producers did not have enough sky to raise the sun.

In the Snyder cut, for the first time I can recall, a movie recreated what it feels like to:

  • watch your 30-minute-interval bus drive away fully-loaded  and then see an empty one round the corner behind it!
  • forget the melody to a new and amazing song, search for the artist or title to no avail, and then have it all come back to you in a moment of unrelated inspiration!
  • watch your team fall behind by a huge margin early, claw their way back with save after save, shot after precious shot, and then win in two... or three epic overtime periods!
  • crave a favourite dish (pie), know you shouldn't or cannot go out and buy some, and then find the leftovers you forgot about at the back of the fridge!

Such moments can sometimes feel overindulgent, but they often seem to come at times when you feel like you need a lucky break. It is so nice to see Wonder woman, Batman, Aquaman, The Flash, Cyborg, Superman, even Steppenwolf in broader scope and clearer focus. The lore that DC Comics has crafted around them has a much fuller body here as well, which makes the experience very yummy.

One of my favourite lines in a movie comes from Serenity: Gina Torres' Zoe says to Nathan Fillion's Malcolm, "This is the place. We'll buy you the time."

Thank you, Mr. Snyder, HBO, Cast & Crew, all ye ardent fans who made this possible. WOW! What a treat!