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Attempting Qt5 compile.

Posted 3/11/2021

Thankfully, BlackBerry already had a QNX plugin written. After some mkspec copy-pasting, I got the new compiler to spurt into life for a short burst. QtBase actually finishes the build, but gets hung up looking for "main()." Back to configuring gcc, I guess. One heartwarming moment occurred during the initial compilation stages: Gcc halted on an "ambiguity" error in the use of a math-related function. Having encountered so many of these while building the compiler, I automatically started looking for errors in the QNX headers. To my surprise, the error was actually in the way QtBase was using the functions! e.g. calling pow(double, double) as pow(int, double). This is ambiguous because there are float, double and long double versions of these math functions! The compiler works! It really works!